Integrating Qubicle, Blender & Unity 3D workflows

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Integrating Qubicle, Blender & Unity 3D workflows

14 julio, 2015 Games 0

I was playing latest months with new workflows in game development, and found some awesome tools out there that really ease development.

I fell in love with Unity 3D, I think this platform makes things really easy and support more than twenty platforms. In 3D modeling I already talk about Blender 3D some months ago.

Maybe the most unknown tool in this workflow is Qubicle from Minddesk, a voxel editor that makes very easy to create voxel art and one of the tools used in Crossy Road game.

The difficult part was to integrate this tools to work together in a productive workflow. Exporting work from one tool to another in the right way, preparing content so the next tool in the chain receive stuff in a way you can continue adding new features,… it’s not a straight forward task and I want to help a bit for people entering this world, since I document my findings to my own use, I thought I could be useful for others trying to do the same thing.

So I bundle a clean project with the different files and upload it to my 3dOcean – Envato MarketPlace account so others could get it for some bucks.

Here’s a video that shows a voxel character created with Qubicle, rigged with Blender and animated in Unity 3D:

If you like it and want the 24 PDF Document Tutorial, and the test project with the files and test model, you can get it here:

Qubicle-Blender-Unity3D Character Workflow

Hope you’ll find interesting.


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